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16 Steps to Starting a Business While Working Full Time — STEP 10: Find Your First Customers

April 6, 2017

Customers are the lifeblood of every business. But how do you go about building a customer base from scratch?

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A Few Favorite Things Inspired This Couple’s Encore Business

Gidgette and Ken Moshier decided to draw on their love for traveling and tea, as well as their small business backgrounds, to open the English Garden Tea Room.

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Is an Incubator Right for You?

March 23, 2017,

An incubator is a place where startup and early stage companies can live. If your business is accepted into an incubator, you will receive resources to help you build your company.

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Not Your Typical Business Plan Book

March 6, 2017,

Multiple studies show that owners who create business plans are much more likely to be successful as compared to those who don’t.

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How One Man’s Hobby Brewed Up a Business Idea

February 24, 2017,

Yeast - Everything Homebrew is a specialty retail store selling equipment and ingredients for homebrewing beer, wine, cider, mead and soda. The shop provides introductory homebrewing and winemaking classes.

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Looking at the History of Business Plans Could Portend a Profitable Future

February 23, 2017,

What's striking about the history of business plans is how little has changed. Sure, the medium we use has changed over the centuries, but the end result – having a written plan that demonstrates to the business owner and possible investors how to make a profit – has remained consistent.

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16 Steps to Starting a Business While Working Full Time — STEP 9: Invest in Your Image

February 16, 2017

In step 9 of the “16 Steps to Starting a Business While Working Full Time" ebook, learn how and why to invest in your professional image.

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Launching Your First Business? A Digital Marketing Crash Course

February 13, 2017,

Digital marketing is an area that every first-time business owner should try to understand. Every business, ecommerce to brick-and-mortar, can benefit from effective digital marketing.

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The Top Three Considerations When Choosing Your Startup’s Business Structure

February 1, 2017,

With launching a new company comes the need to make many decisions. Among them: choosing a business structure. The type you select for your startup affects far more than whether or not your company’s name includes something like “LLC” or “Inc.” at the end of it.

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Celebrate Your Mentor During National Mentoring Month

January 24, 2017,

How important is mentoring for the life of your small business? So much that we recognize the work of dedicated mentors each January.

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16 Steps to Starting a Business While Working Full Time — STEP 8: Business Licenses, Taxes and Insurance

December 22, 2016

In step 8 of the “16 Steps to Starting a Business While Working Full Time” eBook, we will cover business licenses, taxes and insurance.