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Declaration of Independents

July 5, 2016,

Are you considering becoming an independent worker, freelancer, contractor or self-employed? You'll be happy to know that most of those who have chosen this life wouldn't change a thing. Nearly two-thirds of full-time independents rank their satisfaction as a very high; 22 percent rank their satisfaction as 10 on a scale of 1 to 10.

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Nuts and Bolts: Turn Your Hobby In To a Business

June 23, 2016,

If you're going to turn your hobby into a legitimate business, you need to accomplish a number of tasks to get yourself up and running. Just like any other business, there are special filings to submit, accounts to be opened and laws that need to be checked.

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16 Steps to Starting a Business While Working Full Time — STEP 3: Goal Setting and Planning

June 13, 2016

Starting your business while working full time can feel overwhelming. There’s always so much to do!  But it is possible to achieve everything you need to do to succeed in both your day job and your new business.

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The Next Generation of Entrepreneurs: 6 Tips for Raising a Kidpreneur

May 26, 2016,

Here are some tips if your child wants to start a business.


Starting A Nonprofit

May 25, 2016

Starting a nonprofit doesn’t necessarily mean you can quit your day job right away, but like any small business owner, you could eventually earn enough from your nonprofit to justify a full-time salary for you and your staff.

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Should I Trade My Services for Equity in a Startup?

May 23, 2016,

Before deciding to trade fees for equity (and become an owner) in a customer’s business, explore these seven issues.

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7 Pet Businesses to Start

May 18, 2016

Last year, Americans spent $61 billion on their pets, and the industry is expected to reach $91.72 billion by 2019. Here are 7 pet business ideas to jump on that trend.

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How to Profit From a Fad

May 12, 2016

Do you know what is a fad, and how to profit from one?

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10 Low-Cost Business Ideas

May 5, 2016

There are plenty of businesses you can launch for well under $10,000 (or even less than $1,000).

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16 Steps to Starting a Business While Working Full Time – STEP 2: Write Your Business Plan

April 25, 2016

Creating a new business can be a tough journey. Doing so while working full-time may seem tougher, but this route actually offers several benefits. You can continue earning money to put towards your startup. But even if you only work an hour a week building your company, you still need a business plan.